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Leave a little focused time for the child

Author:郝东东 Click: Time:2019-06-19 09:43:09

 Leave a little focused time for the child

I often see such parents on the road, holding a mobile phone, answering the children's questions and not being impatient. Going back to my hometown, I saw that many young parents were extremely bored with the realization of various "unreasonable troubles" of their children. They could not wait for their children to sleep all day long.

How much time do we have in time, it is reserved for the children, and we will put everything in our hands to accompany our children?

We are all too busy. The circle of friends in the mobile phone has not been browsed yet. The new drama that has just been released has not been finished yet. New projects are going online and must work overtime. It is necessary to meet old friends on weekends, and it is inconvenient to bring children. We lament that time is not enough.

Many people and I said that when they go to work, they become tired dogs. When they return home, they will be tossed by Xiao Zuzong, and they will be exhausted.

I remember reading an article, probably saying that the child is sorry, I don't love you so much, at least not as much as you love me. Children are only part of the world of our lives, but we are the whole world of children. I think the happiness of children is not as complicated as the one we planned in our minds. I just want to have a little more of our company and more interaction with us. At this time, please be sure to be dedicated and reserved for your child.

Parenting books and videos in the online and bookstores. What kind of parenting concept is the best, every parent should explore and learn according to their child's situation, I occasionally look at these parenting experiences, but more is to learn to grow up with my daughter's actual contact.

The child's childhood is so many years, the most need to be accompanied by parents, when participating. Every time I see the look of he left-behind children on the TV, I am very uncomfortable. I understand the hardships of the parents, but I am more sympathetic to the children who stay at home and can't see their parents all day.

A growth without parents waiting for companionship must be crippled. Without a sense of security, there is no temperature growth. This kind of incompleteness and lack of security will accompany your child for a lifetime.

If you are also a father or mother, no matter what time, one-third, one-fifth, or even one-tenth of your time is spent with your child, please do this time and focus. Blending with the child, temporarily leaving the phone, temporarily off the TV, temporarily off the tablets. A dedicated companion is the basis for the happiness of the child.


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