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Happy home life begins with caring for children

Author:广州市东昊家居用品有限公司 Click: Time:2019-03-11 15:39:42

Happy home life begins with caring for children

The arrival of children will bring endless joy and joy to the whole family. He is the angel and baby of every family. It is the wish of his parents to let him grow up healthy and happy. Every parent will do their best to the children, but it will inevitably lead to accidents. In order to prevent those accidents that can be avoided, let's share some things that need attention in the home life.

1Furniture. Lively and active is the nature of children. Children like to run around at home, which is easy to be embarrassed. Therefore, in the choice of furniture should avoid the choice of sharp corners or square furniture. It is best to choose some round head furniture. If it is inevitable to choose sharp items, you can choose to place it at a height that is out of reach for children, or a soft outer layer on the outer bread.

2Bed. First of all, the child is still small, so the height of the bed should not be too high. Secondly, the corners of the bed should also be rounded to prevent injury to children. In addition, children are not easy to climb, and they are moving when they sleep. It is best to set up guardrails for children's beds that are too young to prevent wrestling. Bedding should also be soft and comfortable. Pay particular attention to plush toys, because these unobtrusive hairs can cause itching to the child's skin or inhalation into the lungs.

3Study Tables and Chairs. Learning is the most important task for the children, so the choice of desks and chairs is very important for the growth and health of children. A good study table and chair can not only correct the child's learning posture, but also keep the child in a good posture. More importantly, it can prevent the child's myopia and reduce the risk of myopia caused by reading and writing.

4The Ground: the floor of the children's room is best to use solid wood flooring or environmentally friendly carpets, these materials are natural and environmentally friendly, and have the characteristics of soft, warm, suitable for children to play, learn to climb and so on. However, it should be noted that the carpet must be vacuumed every day and kept clean; if the child is relatively large, it is necessary to use anti-wear and durable floor materials. Generally, the composite solid wood floor is more commonly used because it avoids the formaldehyde problem of the composite floor, but Solid wood flooring is practical, durable and easy to clean.

5Wall: The decoration of the children's room, the wall is decorated with environmentally-friendly fabric wallpaper, which is not afraid of pictures and easy to clean. Some people regard zero VOC paint as the ideal wall paint for baby rooms. In fact, in the home decoration, whether it is the amount of release or the area used, paint is the culprit to release VOC. Therefore, we must first use good quality and environmentally friendly paints. In addition, we must pay attention to the ventilation after three or four months. After the check-in, remember to place fresh air plants or teas that absorb harmful substances, black charcoal and so on.


6Plug. Set the plug, you can insert it, the waterproof can be closed on the ground, or set the plug to a higher position, where children can't reach it. If you have not considered it beforehand, you can put those holes on the surface when you don't use them to prevent direct contact with children.

7Color. For the choice of color, be sure to choose some brightly colored furniture or wallpaper decoration. Children are in the enlightenment period, and things around them have a guiding effect on children. Bright colors can have a positive impact on children. But the bright does not mean that the color is bright, and the excessively bright color may lead the child to develop the habit of children's exaggeration. In the choice of decorations, we must also choose to have a positive impact on children. It is not advisable to use some patterns such as ghosts, which may easily cause children's distorted character.

8Glass material. It is inevitable that children will encounter bumps, but if the damage to the glass is relatively large, try not to set glass doors, glass ornaments or glasses, etc. Due to the transparency of the first glass, the child will not have the consciousness of stopping the acceleration. In addition, if the glass is hit, the impact force will be too large, and the child will be injured twice.

9Pet. Families with young children should not raise pets as much as possible. After all, pets have a lot of bacteria. If you raise some docile ones, such as puppies, rabbits, etc., don’t raise those fierce ones, such as Tibetan mastiffs, pythons, etc. Ten thousand is afraid of it.

10Gadgets, objects. The danger of small objects is that small children will unconsciously carry out "feeding", and there will be cases such as throat and suffocation.

11Drug. Drugs are a terrible thing, especially toxic ones, rat poisons, peony drugs, etc. These things must be placed in places that children can't see or reach.


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